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June 28, 2016
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Classic Car Windscreens and Car glass supply replacement and repairs

Windscreens and Glass for classic cars

If you have a classic car that you are restoring or have a broken windscreen, door glass, back window and need to find a replacement glass for a classic vehicle then look no further than National Autoglaze Classic Vehicle Glass Team.

Many owners of classic cars have come to us when searching for that rare windscreen.  In many cases, the original classic cars were built with glass from brands like Triplex, Sigla, Bilglas & SIV brands, and we can still supply with the original trademark.

Every glass we have manufactured is handmade to a customer’s specific order. In some cases we craft the glass on the original tooling so it’s identical to the original windscreen and we can still supply it with the original trademark including Triplex & Sigla.

Will a classic car windscreen or glass replacement screen be as good as the original?

Absolutely yes. In many cases we’re building the glass on the original tooling so it’s identical to the original manufacture. All of our glass is built to the highest standards and meets all the legal requirements of modern day motoring.

In many cases we built the screen for your car the day it rolled off the production line, and we’ve got the original tooling and equipment as well as the specialist knowledge that we believe your vehicle deserves. And don’t forget, we can trademark your glass so that everyone admiring your pride and joy knows it’s an original too.


Once we’ve got your order, if we’re building the glass from scratch then it will normally take around 4 weeks to get it to you – but we may have one on the shelf already.
We have a network of distribution depots all over the UK so you can either pick the glass up yourself or we can arrange for delivery direct to your door, just ask for delivery options when placing your order.

Can you help me with installing the glass?
If you want to take the glass and install it yourself, that’s fine. If you’d prefer one of our classic car and vehicle glass installation technicians to carry out the installation on your behalf then we can help with this as well. Just explain your requirements to us at the time of ordering and we can arrange fitting anywhere in the UK.